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Juggernaut 10AUG09 (What will be (HOPEFULLY!!!))

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Wall mounted Venom bust      


OK, until now only Darren has seen any of the progress pics of this Wolverine V's Juggernaut statue I am building for him. I finally feel this piece it at a stage where I am comfortable for others to observe. At this stage his left arms are not complete + his legs and back (hence the frontal pics) Juggernaut will be a mammoth 35cm tall when complete, towering over Wolverines 20cm. I very much like the lighting of these pics and will be using this style in the future updates. Enjoy. Any suggestions, feel free to make them, the changes I have opted to make is changing his forearms from scale to oversize + he needs some work on his thighs/legs (thanks Will). For those interested, Wolverine is now dressed and detailing has begun, aiming for a February completion on this project including paints (I have limited hours in the day for sculpting thus progress is often slow). C.


Main Image

Juggernaut 17AUG09

Juggernaut completed 22AUG09

Juggernaut completed 22AUG09

Juggernaut completed 22AUG09

Juggernaut completed 22AUG09



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Title: Juggernaut 10AUG09
Genre: Comic Book
Format: Custom Statue
Scale: 1/6
Status: Work In Progress
Christian M. Grapulin
For Sale: NFS
Views: 19363
Posted: 8/17/2009
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Name: Chris Grapulin

Ebay Id:cmg-240
Joined:April 2009

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